Climate Action Strategy

In May 2021 Rendlesham Parish Council formally adopted a Climate Action Strategy. This is a 40 point plan specific to the village and widely consulted upon. It covers Decision-making, Land Use, Protection of the Vulnerable, Buildings, Waste, Transport, Power, Raising Money and Influencing Others. It forms an underpinning policy for some of the important work Rendlesham Parish Council are already doing to protect and enhance nature and sets out specific measures for carbon reduction, responsible use of resources and a transparent and inclusive way of working. The strategy also considers future plans and developments in the village and sets the expectation that these should be climate-friendly and connect the needs of the village with the needs of the Planet. 

Rendlesham will see continued and improved, cohesive action on the Climate and Biodiversity crises as the Parish Council implement this ambitious strategy over the coming years.

Some highlights from the consultation process:

“The Parish Council are to be applauded for taking such positive and innovative steps to promote changes in approach and behaviour. And Thanks for all important work.” (Rick Sheepshanks)

“We will support in any way that we can” (Rendlesham Social Club Committee)

“Dr Coffey would like to congratulate both Rendlesham Parish Council and the Rendlesham Climate Emergency Working Group for putting together their own climate action plan. It is clear that all levels of government are playing a vital part in tackling climate change. It joins other local government such as Suffolk County Council and East Suffolk Council in recognising the important work to be done here and the role locally in achieving this.” (Luke Watson Parliamentary Assistant to Rt Hon Dr Thérèse Coffey MP)

“Essentially it is about being very transparent with Rendlesham folk about what is in the Plan, if adopted, that RPC can directly change or influence and what items are really only going to change if other Suffolk, or beyond, organisations act.”(County Councillor Alexander Nicoll)