Our Parish

Rendlesham is about 4 miles north of the market town of Woodbridge. Built around the former RAF Bentwaters the parish has seen substantial growth in the past 20 years which is supported by a range of services from a doctor's surgery, post office, vets, hairdressers, fish & chip shop, bar, as well as taxi companies and a range of businesses on Bentwaters Park and Rendlesham Mews. The parish is also home to a busy community centre, where the Parish Council office is based, and is used regularly by local organisations whilst also hosting an active social club.

Although there has been a village of Rendlesham for very many years, the centre of the modern village is what was the domestic site of the Bentwaters airbase. The houses built for the Americans remain and the space in the middle of the village has been mostly filled in with newer British style housing.

The village also has a primary school, children's nursery, dentist, care home, supermarket with Post Office and a Chinese takeaway. There are two churches in Rendlesham, St Gregory's in the older part of the parish and St Felix in the newer part of the parish. The Maharishi Foundation also has a presence in the village with some houses built to their specification and an education centre.