Skatepark Tender Opportunity

Published: 18 July 2019

Local consultation has identified that there is a need for a new skatepark facility in Rendlesham, Suffolk.

The Community and local young people have teamed up with the Parish Council to raise funds towards a new concrete skatepark that will be designed by the local young people in consultation with the successful Applicant of this Tender.

The location of the proposed new skatepark is Jubilee Park, Mayhew Road, Rendlesham, Suffolk, IP12 2GT.

The outcome of this Tender will be to identify and select a single Contractor to take the Project forward from consultation to a final design and a completed installed concrete skatepark, to suit the needs of the local young people whilst taking into account a range of ages, abilities and wheels, e.g. scooters, skateboards and BMX, and also taking account of the site constraints.

This Tender aims to select a Contractor based upon examples of previous work, financial viability, Health & Safety procedures, skills, experience of working with Councils and Community Groups, and expertise to delivering a fully funded project from start to finish within budget.

The Applicant is required to provide value for money, use local suppliers where possible, deliver added value, cause minimum disturbance to the community whilst delivering a durable, well designed concrete skatepark built to a high quality that suits the needs of the local young people and adheres to the Authority’s requirements.

Download the Tender Document HERE