Planning Update

Published: 16 November 2020

Who wants to read a whole article about planning? Well no one until the proposed new house blocks your walkway to the fields, or the proposed extension takes even more parking away in an overcrowded street. Or that field out the back suddenly sprouts 100 houses and 3 years of mud and noise. Your Parish Council monitors all applications for planning in our parish and reads them all (so you don’t have to!) and considers each one. So here is a roundup since April 2020 of what has been going on

The proposed development of 75 houses on land off Tidy Road. The parish council recommended refusal of this due to concerns about the quantity, design, layout and drainage for the proposed site as well as the street layout being more reminiscent of a grid town. East Suffolk District Council (ESDC) did refuse it, and the applicant tried again. This was also refused and the applicant appealed. The appeal was also lost at national planning inspector level. There is no chance of this exact application returning but it is possible that the applicant might bring another planning application forward but it is unlikely to be accepted unless the concerns of EAST Suffolk are substantially addressed.

On to the former sports centre site in the middle of the village which has divided opinion. The Parish council identified this as a place for development of amenities for the village and it was identified as such in the neighbourhood plan, a document that is supposed to be considered by East Suffolk when deciding on planning applications. The first application was rejected by ESDC but in the opinion of the parish council he grounds for refusal were weak and a tweaked further application was inevitable. This further application has been verbally approved by the planning board of ESCD for 3 shops and 11 houses. The Parish Council have now asked for the secretary of state to ‘call it in’ to make a final decision as we are not happy about the process ESDC used to pass it. The letter to the District planners is on the Parish Council Web Site for everyone to read. It is, in this context, strongly worded and certainly expresses that Rendlesham Voters will not be ignored when it comes to our village. We as a council continue to monitor this and will let you know.

There has been an outline planning application for 75 houses on a field at the Bentwaters Park roundabout sandwiched between Redwald road and the Tunstall road (A1152). This site was identified in the local plan as suitable for housing development as long as it is in keeping with the village in general. The Parish Council is inclined to support this application as long as certain criteria are included in the final detailed planning application, including the gift of some land to allow for allotments. We have made suggestions for improvement to the applicant and these have been accepted which is encouraging. The PC are not against housing as this shows, but it must be to the benefit of the existing residents and contribute to the vibrant place to live that Rendlesham is and not overtax the infrastructure we have.

There are always a steady stream of small scale individual applications that we see every month. We do look at these and make a recommendation based on the overall understanding of the best interests of the village. There is no substitute for your own comments on a planning application if it affects you.

Any comments you wish to make on a planning application can be done online here.

The Planning subcommittee of the PC meet regularly, and in normal times you would all be welcome to attend and observe. Currently these meetings are via Zoom but you are still welcome to join the meeting.

Dave Moore

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